Meet the Founders

  • Chanda & Jai Tolani
    Chanda & Jai Tolani

25 years ago, Chanda and Jai had the opportunity to be the pioneers in the duty-free industry in the Turks and Caicos. Their mission was to offer a high-end shopping experience with uncompromising quality and service to their visitors and residents. As the buyers at Jai’s, they source the highest quality products and best values for their customers. 25 years later, they have grown a dedicated team from all corners of the world.

Meet the Team

  • Tanya Russell
    Tanya Russell
  • Dino Mulchandani
    Dino Mulchandani
  • Ravi Ochani
    Ravi Ochani
  • Gresel Macalino
    Gresel Macalino
  • Manish Lalwani
    Manish Lalwani
  • Deborah Colas
    Deborah Colas
  • Ruby Decastro
    Ruby Decastro
  • Celestina Derickson
    Celestina Derickson
  • Marden Macalino
    Marden Macalino
  • David Cruz Elane
    David Cruz Elane
  • Rodel Sarmiento
    Rodel Sarmiento
  • Pruthvi Rajgor
    Pruthvi Rajgor